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Welcome to CantinaCloud.com. Here you can find information that will assist you in stalking the chat regulars (check out the bios page) of #cantina_cloud, a list of people who wised up and got out while they could (the MIA page), have any of your Frequently Asked Cantina Kwestions answered (the FACK page [obviously]), and read the etiquette guidelines, which will help you figure out what not to do in order to not be harassed and kicked immediately after joining the chat.

What's in store for this site in the future? Well, anyone familiar with the cantina knows that the people who chat there have difficulties with finishing projects, but should any finished products arise, there will be informational pages about them here. There are also plans for summaries of NESes (stories written by multiple people on the Bespin City Forum) and a Bespincyclopedia, which will contain all kinds of random factoids about the people and history of the Cantina, the BCF, and the NESes.

If you have any questions about the site or its content or if you happen to be one of the people listed on the MIA page, fire off an e-mail to me. We'd like to hear from you.


15 September 2007:

24 Aug 2004:
DS page updated with last few months worth.

4 Aug 2004:
Patron list updated with bios and stats c/o Juz.

3 June 2004:
Updated Patron and MIA lists.

16 Mar 2004:
Added Calendar section...in process of prettying it up. This area is for birthdays, events, anniversaries, etc, etc. Ask in cantina to be added to users list.

2 Mar 2004:
Dark Side page added. Arby captured and returned to enclosure.

25 Feb 2004:
Site upgrade begun. Please manbear with us as these changes are made. Some links may not work or, possibly, might wipe your HDD and steal your credit card info. If this is a problem, cry elsewhere.

(* cantina definition of 'recent' may differ greatly from the typical english interpretation of the word)

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